Liberland Discussed And Defended In Croatian Parliament

Yesterday, as part of a session debating immigration, member of Croatian Parliament Ivan Pernar came forward to discuss and support Liberland. He later read a statement to Parliament from Liberland’s President Vít Jedlička. Here are Mr. Pernar’s remarks: Thank you Chairman, today’s theme is “laws about foreigners”, and in my opinion it has many controversial …Read More

Map Of Wold

Chicago Journal of International Law Examines The Case For Liberland

Within the summer edition of the prestigious Chicago Journal of International Law was published a detailed piece explaining the implications of Liberland with regard to international law. Author Gabriel Rossman’s 35 page essay explains the history of statehood under international law as well as the Croatian-Serbian historical border conflict and then weaves together an explanation …Read More


Seven members of Polish Parliament proposed the recognition of Liberland

Seven members of the Polish Parliament (Sejm) in cooperation with Liberland activists in Poland have officially urged Polish Minister of Foreign Affairs Witold Waszczykowski to formally recognize the Free Republic of Liberland as a newly independent state in Europe. Image: official Parliament interpellation sent in by 6 Members of the Polish Parliament. Find it along …Read More


The Libertarian approach to commerce in the Free Republic of Liberland

The Commerce Clause of the US Constitution (Article I, Section 8, Clause 3) stipulates that the United States Congress shall have power “To regulate Commerce with foreign Nations, and among the several States, and with the Indian Tribes.” The Constitution of the Free Republic of Liberland guarantees an absolute freedom of contract. Consequently, the Public …Read More


FAQ – Dear Liberland, please tell me

Repeatedly, a large part of our community questions us about the common stuff concerning Liberland’s future, their citizenship or investment possibilities. First, let’s go ahead by admitting that even with the lowest volume of messages, they pop up too often to get a response. So if you haven’t heard back from us, please understand it’s just …Read More


CoinsRace and Liberland now work on free trade progress through MobileCoin technology

Today Liberland takes another important step for launching its future crypto-currency market that everybody will use to trade without governments. Liberland officialy begins its partnership with CoinsRace, the data minds behind MobileCoin digital currency, on a mission to give people the benefits of the digital free market transformation that glorifies individuals. This combined force of …Read More


Small states are beautiful, big governments crush fast

Disclaimer: This is a republished article by Ivan Bertović, President of the Young Croatian Liberals of the City of Zagreb. It was edited for clarity and ease of reading. In the “Breakdown of Nations”, Leopold Korh, an Austrian born economist, jurist, and self-described “philosophical anarchist”, wrote: “(…) And if the body of a people becomes diseased …Read More