How is Liberland going to guarantee the privacy of its citizens? How is Liberland going to be self-sustainable? What services can be replaced with blockchain technologies? What will our main square look like? How will our rule of law work?

LiberlandPress is giving you the opportunity to share your ideas and visions for Liberland in a blogpost or podcast interview!

For your article to get published, you’ll just need to meet some very basic criteria:

  • Your article is at most 1600 words long
  • Your article is in line with our constitution
  • Your claims are backed up by credible sources
  • Your images are high resolution and royalty-free
  • Your article is properly written, without spelling or grammar mistakes

You can find an example article here

Please indicate if you prefer to be interviewed in a podcast. We will still need your ideas in a written format but we won’t publish them unless you give us approval.

Also, please note that:

  • The editor may choose not to publish your article for different reasons (this will be explained further).
  • There will be a disclaimer on the bottom of the article.
  • We do not respond to questions that have no relation with LiberlandPress. Please contact your country’s representative if you have any questions about Liberland citizenship, volunteering and so on.

We are looking forward to reading and publishing your ideas!