Marie, Michaela, Klara & Pavel, citizens of Liberland, were released today

Marie, Michaela, Klara & Pavel were released today.

The LSA has to pay a hostage ransom of EUR 1200, but our prisoners were released shortly after we did so.
We naturally regret having to co-fund continued aggression against Liberland this way, but the most important thing is that we have our citizens back and that they are well.

We will appeal and re-appeal the decision of the court, and we will make sure that whatever money is extracted from us this way, will create costs many times over.
We certainly want to bring economic prosperity to the region – but not through forceful extraction of funds at gunpoint.

We will shortly be back in Liberland with more settlers, and in fact, already have people there, living in hiding from the occupational forces. But you can also expect more highly publicised freedom missions, as our quest to liberate our country, has just begun…


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