FAQ – Dear Liberland, please tell me

Repeatedly, a large part of our community questions us about the common stuff concerning Liberland’s future, their citizenship or investment possibilities. First, let’s go ahead by admitting that even with the lowest volume of messages, they pop up too often to get a response. So if you haven’t heard back from us, please understand it’s just …Read More

CoinsRace and Liberland now work on free trade progress through MobileCoin technology

Today Liberland takes another important step for launching its future crypto-currency market that everybody will use to trade without governments. Liberland officialy begins its partnership with CoinsRace, the data minds behind MobileCoin digital currency, on a mission to give people the benefits of the digital free market transformation that glorifies individuals. This combined force of …Read More

Small states are beautiful, big governments crush fast

Disclaimer: This is a republished article by Ivan Bertović, President of the Young Croatian Liberals of the City of Zagreb. It was edited for clarity and ease of reading. In the “Breakdown of Nations”, Leopold Korh, an Austrian born economist, jurist, and self-described “philosophical anarchist”, wrote: “(…) And if the body of a people becomes diseased …Read More

Judge with gavel

Liberland Wins Appeals! Lower Courts “Committed a Fundamental Breach” and “Must Rule On Border”

In a stunning reversal of lower court rulings, multiple Croatian appeals court judges have ruled in favor of Liberland in recent months. Last year Liberland activists endured more than 50 arrests and convictions by Croatian authorities despite clear and irrefutable evidence that no illegal river border crossings into Croatia had taken place. As we’ve been …Read More

“LLM” voted new code for Merits, Liberland’s currency

Liberland Merits’ new codename is now “LLM”, as chosen after an open Facebook vote on the 26th of April. From three possible options, LLM won with 45% of votes, outrunning LBM with 40% and the abandoned LIM with the remaining 15%. Liberland’s officials proposed the initial selection, but it was some 3 tho. global supporters …Read More