If you have tried to engage a leftist in a debate, you might have noticed that their range of arguments never relies on researched facts but on tactics that seem to work extremely well especially if the audience is main stream media.

So, in the event you find yourself confronted with a leftist and the cameras are nearby, rather than wasting your time on citing facts, try these tactics instead:

  1. Be louder than your opponent.
  2. Never stop talking and never listen to what the other side is saying or asking. Just stick to memes and talking points that you know work.
  3. As soon as you can, take the moral high ground and resort to name calling. Calling your opponent: racist, sexist, homophobic, etc. work every time.
  4. In case your opponent somehow manages to overpower you with arguments, run for the nearest safe space you can find or dress up in black, cover your face and beat the crap out of anything and everyone you can find.
  5. In case of doubt or for more detailed instructions, please contact the UC Berkley riot department or one of the Soros Foundations.

Author: Zorana Kozomara, a member of the representative office in the Netherlands