The selfishness of ‘AMERICA FIRST’

While it be may early to assess what ‘America first’ actually means for President Trump, to a large population of not just Americans but that of the rest of the world as well, the slogan is eerily reminiscent of Hitlerian ideology that we, as a society, rejected some 70 years ago.

Since then, as everyone knows, the Western world has been involved in internal affairs of almost every country on the planet making sure that everyone experiences democracy in the way the West sees it fit. The US even went so far as to neglect its own homeless and war veterans just so that every penny could unselfishly be spent to protect other countries and give their populations the opportunity to express and embrace their diversities through perpetual conflicts.

So, who, in his right mind, you may ask, would ever want to change that? Who would want to be so selfish to never want to get involved in the affairs of other countries?  To mind one’s own business and lead by example? To want the best for its people while respecting the right of other countries to do the same?

I guess, in a world in which ‘Hitlerian’ is an attribute of any politically incorrect opinion, only Trump, the greedy capitalist that he is, could come up with something so ‘Hitlerianly’ selfish.

Autor: Zorana Kozomara, a member of the representative office in the Netherlands