Video: How Does Liberland Fit Into The Balkans? Interview With Foreign Minister Thomas Walls

At the Anarchapulco conference in Acapulco Mexico, Liberland Foreign Minister Thomas Walls sits down with Josh Friedman to discuss Liberland’s geostrategic position in the Balkans. Where do things stand with Liberland’s border dispute with Croatia? How does Liberland factor into the overall issue of border disputes in the region? What is Liberland’s take on the …Read More

D10e presentation and Liberland’s third anniversary conference – Get your tickets

Are you ready to come to Liberland? D10e has partnered with Liberland to host one of the most prestigious cryptocurrency conferences of 2018. The conference takes place April 14th and 15th on a boat settlement. The event can be combined with the ‘cultural experience’ tour on April 13th, Liberland’s third anniversary. If you want to …Read More

Dr. Ron Paul receives his passport from the Free Republic of Liberland

Liberland’s cabinet and advisors met with Dr. Ron Paul at the Anarchapulco festival in Acapulco, Mexico. Dr. Paul received a Liberland passport and honorary citizenship as recognition for his lifetime achievements for liberty. Watch Dr. Ron Paul’s dinner speech at Anarchapulco here: Ron Paul is America’s leading voice for liberty, prosperity and peace. As a …Read More

Bitnation and Liberland Join Forces with Governance 2.0 Leaders

While Nation State Governments Fight Each Other for Global Dominance, Bitnation Joins Forces with Governance 2.0 Leaders to Build a Decentralized and Cooperative Future. Zug, Switzerland, February 5, 2018 –  In the world of emerging governance technologies, many exciting experiments are underway to reinvent society for the digital age. These include e-Residency schemes, Seasteads, Space …Read More

Liberland opens a new representative office in Tenerife to grow local Liberland and Bitcoin support

The Free Republic of Liberland has opened a new representative office in La Laguna, Tenerife. The event that took place on the 27th of January was cheered by dozens of local Liberland supporters. Spanish representative Pavel Karpisek who is a resident of Tenerife, will collaborate local Liberlanders and Bitcoin entrepreneurs to build a community of …Read More