Liberland opens a new representative office in Tenerife to grow local Liberland and Bitcoin support

The Free Republic of Liberland has opened a new representative office in La Laguna, Tenerife. The event that took place on the 27th of January was cheered by dozens of local Liberland supporters. Spanish representative Pavel Karpisek who is a resident of Tenerife, will collaborate local Liberlanders and Bitcoin entrepreneurs to build a community of support for both Liberland and cryptocurrencies. Together with the association of cryptocurrencies in the Canaries, the office will encourage Bitcoin spending through investment advice and newly purchased Bitcoin ATMs.

President Vít Jedlička is really excited to come to Tenerife to launch both the cryptocurrency hub and the representative office. ‘It’s an enormously energetic group of people that are pushing the cryptocurrencies forward and they are pretty closely connected to Liberland as well.’

Liberland now has over 100 representative offices worldwide and Jedlička expects this number to grow to 150 next year. ‘Its a great network of entrepreneurs and diplomats, people that can make things happen around the world and we can rely on each other.’

Liberland has partnered with D10e to host one of the most prestigious cryptocurrency conferences on the country’s third anniversary. The event that takes place
between the 12th and the 15th of April 2018 will be hosted on a boat settlement near Liberland. Visit the D10e conference page for more information.