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Daily Archives: Jun 9, 2018

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A (very important) word from president Vít Jedlička

Dear fellow Liberlanders, I am speaking up today to warn you about an important issue that might concern your participation in Liberland. As you may have...
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Must Read

Andreas Antonopolous – We must be Patient

In January 2011, according to his profile on Linkedin, Andreas Antonopoulos became the owner at himself. It was around this time he...
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You Should Be Interested In Persons Of Interest

It’s the end of 2020. And in no way do I expect my casual reference to the contemporary calendar to “date” this...

Andrew Henderson gets interviewed by Fox Business

Andrew Henderson, Managing Partner at the offshore lifestyle consulting firm Nomad Capitalist, joined Lisa "Kennedy" Montgomery on Fox Business Network to discuss...

Disrupt everything – especially Art (for the Artists)

KateVass Galerie is a well-known contemporary gallery in Switzerland, which represents established, middle-tier and young emerging artists who are engaged with new...