A happy summer for Liberland

In August, several members of our team paid a visit to Avalbit, in Valencia – Spain, at an event organized by its founders, Ramon Quesada and Jaime Sánchez (seen above, holding the Liberland flag). Avalbit is one of the most active associations in the field of cryptocurrencies in Spain, and the attendees included many Bitcoin professionals.

There was a huge interest in Liberland and also professional feedback about its structure. After this meetup in Valencia, our team members traveled to Benidorm for a Bitcoin Cash Meetup, where Liberland was, as always, warmly welcomed. The community of Bitcoin Cash professionals is also growing rapidly, and as you may know, the number of places where it is possible to pay in crypto-currencies is increasingly high in Spain.

Below, you can enjoy a little, trivial, but wonderfully pleasant event, filmed by Pavel Karpisek, Liberland’s representative in the idyllic Canary Islands:

Paying in BCH in a restaurant is so pleasant that this little slice of life has been retwitted by Bitcoin.com


This does bode well for a future lifestyle in Liberland!

And speaking of lifestyle, president Vít Jedlička traveled today (on August 8) to Belgrade, to witness the founding of the first Liberland construction company. Its products are one essential element of a country that is located on the banks of a huge river, and especially when said country is currently negotiating the access to its land…

This company produces houseboats!


These boats have the size of a small apartment

Enjoying the Danube River will be easier for Liberlanders from now on


The houseboats have cozy and well-lit interiors



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