Rick Falkvinge presents his leadership style

Rick Falkvinge presents the Swarm leadership style he developed while taking the Swedish Pirate Party into the European Parliament, and how it applies to Liberland. When Falkvinge started organizing a new generation of activists in 2006 with the intention of running for office, people were shaking their heads at the mere concept of organizing online. …Read More

A quick sum-up of Liberland’s presence a the LIWC

The Liberland team made of Vice President Bogie Wozniak, Representative Pavel Karpisek and Michal Czekaj joined the Liberty International World Conference in Krakow August 12 -15. There made contacts between Polish members of parliament, and Ukrainian students for liberty. The representatives also visited local businesses such as MimiGroup After this meeting, it has been decided that …Read More

Opinion : The United States Should Diplomatically Recognize Liberland

In this article, I focus on a particular aspect of U.S. foreign policy when I posit that the U.S. should recognize Liberland diplomatically. I’ll briefly summarize the history of Liberland for those who are unfamiliar with this nascent state. On April 13, 2015, a Czech politician named Vít Jedlička created the Free Republic of Liberland …Read More