Liberland’s presence at the Liberty International World Conference

The Liberland team including Vice President Bogie Wozniak, Representative Pavel Karpisek and Michal Czekaj attended the Liberty International World Conference in Krakow August 12 -15.

The team met with Polish members of parliament, and Ukrainian Students for Liberty. The representatives also visited local businesses such as MimiGroup.

After this meeting, it was decided to start a Liberland freedom camp. Several representatives of the organizations we met in Krakow agreed to join the newly made Liberland Chamber of Commerce.

According to Liberty International, on their website, this conference was a huge success.

“Everything I’ve heard during LIWC has made me realise that libertarianism is not just a distant ideal, but something that could be achieved quite easily through a common effort. That despite the growing threat of nationalism and socialism liberty has more than a fighting chance.”

Mara Pepine – Romania


From the left: LL Rep Pavel Karpisek, LL V-P Bogie Wozniak, MP Jakub Kulesza, Gov Rep Grzegorz Piatkowski.


With the host of the conference: Jacek Spendel CEO of the Freedom and Entrepreneurship Foundation on right side.


With international business MIMI GROUP
From the left: Teodor Kosch, Bogie Wozniak, Mark Ciesla, Pavel Karpisek, Michał Czekaj