Liberland’s European tour culminates at EU Parliament in Brussels

As you know, Liberland has been on a streak of European meetings for the past three weeks.

Of course, there was the Rome event already covered on Liberland Press and the success of Miss Liberland at the Miss Euro Continental in Naples.

Liberland also had a meetup in Bulgaria organized by our representative Nikolay Popov.

Bulgarian Liberland team members met the chairman of Bulgarian Chamber of commerce and industry, who invited Liberland’s president for a second meeting, willing to help developing Liberland’s future Chamber of Commerce, and the news was released on Bulgarian TV channels.

Our representative in Bulgaria, Nikolay Popov (left), holding the Liberland flag with Hassan Hamad, one of our team members in Dubai (left)

A few days after that event, Liberland hosted a meetup in Barcelona. People could meet key members of the Liberland Administration such as Ministry of Foreign Affairs Thomas D. Walls, or our representatives from Spain, and from the Canary Islands.

In Barcelona, where you can recognize Thomas D. Walls, Pavel Karpíšek and Conrad Freeman


Soon after this event, came the Liberland event in Paris, France, where French supporters of Liberland could get the latest news about Liberland, and hear conferences from speakers involved in the French Libertarian Party, and the Student for Liberty association. Among Liberland speakers were Thomas Walls, French Representative Jean-Louis Guenego, Head of Public Relations Gauthier Lamothe, and our representative in Utah, David Vice.

The French event happened right in front of the famous protests, involving the “Gilets Jaunes” movement (people protesting against the rise of gasoline prices).


Liberland event in Paris, during the speech of a member of Students for Liberty


But our European Tour culminated in Belgium, at the European Parliament in Brussels: President Vít Jedlička, Vice President Pierre-Louis Boitel, representative in Utah David Vice, and Minister of Foreign Affairs Thomas Walls gave a conference named “The Future of Liberland”, thanks to the support of MEP Bill Etheridge, from the EFDD (Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy – Group in the European Parliament).




This tour, along with the recognition of Liberland from the US Libertarian Party, might change Liberland’s future for the best.