Who is Kristýna Dolníčková, our Miss Liberland ?

This month, November 2018, was the month of the new edition of Miss Europe Continental (you can look them up on Facebook)
The contest was a very positive event for Liberland for two reasons:
  • Liberland was allowed to compete as an equal with other countries
  • Our Miss Liberland made it to second place!

Yes, you’ve read that correctly: Miss Liberland ranked second in that contest. Meet Kristýna Dolníčková, a 22 year-old living in Prague. Her hobbies are going out, dancing, and furthering her own education. Aside from modeling, she works at a hospital.

Kristýna Dolníčková

Kristýna Dolníčková is on the right side

Hello Krystina, and thanks for this interview. First of all, how did you learn about Liberland’s existence?
I already knew was informed Liberland about a year before this competition. I saw the President of Liberland on a talk show in the Czech Republic and then my friend gave me some more information about Liberland and it was really interesting and I loved the idea.
What did you love, in particular?
I love the motto of Liberland “To Live and Let Live” because some countries in this world don’t respect your own opinion or religion and I think that is fundamental for people of all countries to be happy and live the way they want to live and that makes Liberland special because their basic idea is respect for the individual.
How did you become Miss Liberland?
Like I said I knew about Liberland before the competition and then they wrote me if I want to represent Liberland in Miss Europe Continental 2018 in Naples. It was really nice surprise and opportunity and I really appreciate it.
How did you feel when you became a finalist ?
The first thing that came to my mind when they called me like a finalist was that i have made it. It was a really great feeling to stay on stage in a final two. I wasn’t nervous in this moment i was just happy and proud.
How’s life in the country that you live in?
I live in Prague in the Czech Republic. I love Prague because it’s my favorite place to live. I love the architecture and how can I spend my free time in there because there are so many festivals, exhibitions and wonderful historical places.
How would you imagine life in Liberland?
I think that Liberland is something different from other countries because it gives people freedom in so many ways. You can have your own opinion and you just need to respect other people, respect their ethnicity, religion and orientation and i think that is so important.
Any final comments?
I just want to say thank you to everyone who made my dream came true and people who believed in me. I would like to thank to Vít and his wife for choosing me to represent Liberland in Miss Europe Continental 2018 in Naples and then to my boyfriend who came from Prague to support me in Naples.
I’m really proud that I can represent Liberland in Miss Europe Continental 2018.