Liberland’s Fourth Anniversary Celebration: A Success!

Liberland, the newest and freest country in Europe, has celebrated its fourth anniversary. This year, the celebration was held in Sombor, Serbia. Scheduled items included speeches, presentations, unveilings, dinners, awards ceremonies, and a boat trip to Liberland proper, this last escorted by the waterway authorities from both our neighboring nations.

Among over 100 participants we were visited by such notables as Congressman Thomas Garrett of the U.S. House Of Representatives; Ivan Pernar, the third most popular Croatian parliamentary politician and the most active MP in the country; as well as the whole core team of developers behind the platforms that Liberland is creating the first-ever decentralized governance on.

The most notable revelation of the event was the launch of our E-Residency program, where the first applicants already received their new E-residency cards. Several new citizens received their passports, and many Merit award medals and diplomas were handed out to amazing individuals that have done great services to our people and who have kept pushing the envelope for what a fresh new country looks like in the new era of the block-chain revolution.

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