Liberland President to Speak at ‘How To DAO’ Conference in Paris during ETHCC


The Free Republic of Liberland will be represented at the upcoming ‘How To DAO’ conference in Paris, with President Vit Jedlicka scheduled to speak at the prestigious event. The conference, taking place on July 18th, 2023, from 1 PM to 5 PM at Le Duplex, is part of the wider Ethereum Community Conference (ETHCC) week.

President Jedlicka’s presentation will begin at 2:45 PM. He will be part of a panel discussing the compelling subject of “How DAOs can create new states?”. As a founding father of Liberland and a pioneer in exploring the intersection of blockchain technology and national governance, President Jedlicka’s insights will undoubtedly provide a unique perspective on the potential of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs).

The ‘How To DAO’ conference is one of the key events at the ETHCC week, expected to attract a wide array of professionals, enthusiasts, and thought leaders from the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency. The conference is a significant platform for exchanging ideas, sharing knowledge, and exploring the future possibilities of DAOs.

The Free Republic of Liberland continues to show its support for innovation and the adoption of emerging technologies. This participation at the ‘How To DAO’ conference further demonstrates Liberland’s commitment to exploring new avenues for decentralized governance and state creation.

To encourage and facilitate the participation of the Liberland community at the conference, a special discount has been arranged. Individuals wishing to attend the event can use the code ‘LIBERLAND25’ during the registration process to receive a 25% discount on their ticket.

The ‘How To DAO’ conference is a key opportunity for members of the Liberland community and others interested in DAOs to deepen their understanding, network with like-minded individuals, and engage in critical discussions about the future of decentralized governance. We look forward to President Jedlicka’s contribution to this important dialogue at the conference.


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