Liberland is strengthening diplomatic relations in Mexico.


Liberland is present at the reception of the 112th Anniversary of the Republic of China (Taiwan), and the 30th Anniversary of The Economic, and Cultural Office of Taipei, in Mexico City.

On 4th October 2023, Liberland achieved a significant milestone in its diplomatic endeavors when Mr. Fernando Facio Jr., Liberland’s Representative to Mexico, was invited and personally recognized by Mr. Armando Cheng, the Ambassador of Taiwan. The recognition took place during a gathering that brought together representatives from various embassies.

The event provided a unique opportunity for delegates to engage in fruitful discussions on a range of topics, including Public International Law, Visas, Technological Investment, Education, Health, and Tourism. This dialogue reflects Liberland’s commitment to fostering international cooperation and contributing to global discussions on critical issues.

The reception was more than just a diplomatic encounter; it was a platform for Liberland to reinforce its diplomatic relations and to play a vital role in shaping the global conversation on issues of paramount significance. The event was a testament to the power of unity in diversity and a shared vision of a better, more interconnected world.

Liberland continues to build its reputation as a diplomatic player on the global stage, and this event underscores its dedication to collaboration, diplomacy, and contributing positively to the international community. The commitment to promoting peace, and cooperation remains at the core of Liberland’s mission.


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