Government Blockchain Association and Free Republic of Liberland Host Exclusive Reception in Washington DC


Washington DC, USA, 02 May, 2024 – The Free Republic of Liberland is proud to announce its collaboration with the Government Blockchain Association (GBA) to host an exclusive reception on May 3rd, 2024, at the historic Pierce School Lofts in Washington, DC.

This distinguished event marks a significant opportunity for attendees to engage with officials from Liberland, including President Vít Jedlička, Cabinet members, and US Representatives, amidst an ambiance of networking and insightful discourse.

The reception will offer a platform to discuss Liberland’s efforts in blockchain-based governance and its diplomatic initiatives aimed at strengthening ties with nations worldwide, particularly the United States.

Journalists, diplomats, government officials, and friends of Liberland are cordially invited to attend and participate in discussions about the nation’s strategic positioning in the Balkans and its vision for the future.

Liberland looks forward to welcoming attendees to this distinguished event and fostering dialogue on the future of governance and diplomacy.

About Liberland
The Free Republic of Liberland, situated between Croatia and Serbia on the Danube River, was established in 2015 on unclaimed land by Vít Jedlicka. Originating from a border dispute, its 7 km territory is now the third smallest sovereign state after the Vatican and Monaco. Liberland’s motto, “To live and let live,” reflects its commitment to personal and economic freedom. The Constitution ensures limited governmental interference in its citizens’ lives.

Samuela Davidova
Press Secretary
Phone: +995 571 063 463

To Live and Let Live


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