Liberland at CryptoSphere 3.0 – A Step Forward in Blockchain Technology


At the CryptoSphere 3.0 conference, held on April 27, 2024, in Wrocław, blockchain technology enthusiasts had the opportunity to immerse themselves in a world of innovation and possibilities. Among the participants of this energetic event were we, the representatives of the Free Republic of Liberland, a startup country that not only stands out with its unique vision but is also committed to conveying ideas of freedom and modern technological solutions.

Our booth, strategically located at the main entrance to the hall, caught the eyes of passing participants thanks to dynamically designed banners and interactive presentations. Our representative team, which included Michał Czekaj, Petr Krovina, and Grzegorz Klementowski, presented Liberland’s ideas with characteristic enthusiasm and professionalism. Dressed in elegant, corporate attire, with broad smiles, we actively welcomed every participant who approached to learn more about our vision. Our representatives, passionate about the ideas we promote, effectively attracted the attention of visitors, quickly transforming their initial curiosity into deep interest in our projects and collaboration.

The highlight of our presence at the conference was the speech by Michał Czekaj – the leader of Liberland Poland – which took place in the main conference hall. The room was packed, and all eyes were on the speaker. The speech, exploring the possibilities that blockchain technology opens up for the world, elicited lively reactions—from applause to eagerly asked questions. The vision of financial decentralization, presented in both an inspiring and thoughtful manner, resonated with the values of the audience.

After the presentation, our booth became even more crowded. Everything around was buzzing with life; discussions about potential blockchain applications in politics and economics mingled with the sounds of other presentations and conversations echoing throughout the hall. Equipped with tablets and other gadgets, we easily made new contacts, conducting advanced technical discussions as well as answering more general questions from visitors.

As the conference drew to a close, the reflection on its progress was invariably positive. Our activities at CryptoSphere 3.0 not only strengthened our position in the blockchain-interested community but also attracted new faces interested in collaboration. In response to such a warm reception, our plans for the future have become even more ambitious.

Thanks to our innovative approach and the ability to engage the audience, Liberland maintains its image as a bastion of modernity and freedom. In the light of conference lamps, against the background noise of interested voices and the sounds of technology, our project not only conveyed its message but also initiated a dynamic and promising conversation about the future that cannot be ignored.


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