Liberland: Prototype For a Decentralized State

A special interview of president Vít Jedlička in the biggest Saudi Newspaper

As announced on their twitter account,  Okaz published an interview of president Vít Jedlička on a full page on september 3rd, 2018.

According to Mr. Abdulelah Alyahya, the representative of Liberland in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Okaz is one of the most important sources of information in the kingdom, and this article shows that Liberland definitely has drawn interest all around the world.


A special interview of president Vít Jedlička in the biggest Saudi Newspaper
A full page reviewing Vít Jedlička and his projects for the future of Liberland


Liberland’s relationship with Saudi Arabia isn’t limited to this article, as several events already happened within the kingdom. For example, an event, simultaneous with our third anniversary, was also organized on April 15th 2018, and diplomatic relations will hopefully be tightened this month : from september 19th to september 24th, Liberland will visit Saudi Arabia.

This event will be an opportunity for president Jedlička to give an interview to Rotana Gulf Channel, to pay a visit to the Emir of the tribes of Ateiba or even to meet His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed bin Abdul Rahman, Deputy Governor of Riyadh and Advisor to the King.

Of course, this event will also be an opportunity to settle business agreements, as our president will also visit local chambers of commerce.

When Liberland becomes populated, it is very likely to become a cultural melting pot, with people speaking many different languages, eating many different foods, living together in peace.