Liberland: Prototype For a Decentralized State

A (very important) word from president Vít Jedlička

Dear fellow Liberlanders,

I am speaking up today to warn you about an important issue that might concern your participation in Liberland.

As you may have noticed, there are many websites using the Liberlandian flag, and it has come to our attention that there are websites on the internet, pretending to be official Liberlandian websites when they are

Some of these websites do no harm at all, and some others spread false information. Some others go even further, and there are now websites where supporters of Liberland are asked to donate money.

These scams and these fake websites may proliferate, as they are probably an unavoidable price of success, and the only thing to prevent them from doing too much damage is to warn your contacts: there is only one official website where you can donate to Liberland, and that is

There are other official pages managed by our teams, and you can find the list of these pages in this article.

In other words: if a website or a page isn’t listed as an official page in this article, it means it is not an official webpage, and any money donated there will be used for something other than Liberland. We will also try to provide a complete and up-to-date list of Liberland-related websites that are legitimate, as well as a list of the scams that we are aware of.

We encourage you to share this message to support Liberland.

Thank you for your understanding.


Official Liberland pages (lists to be updated over time)

  • : our official website, where you can find all the legal information about Liberland, who are the human beings behind this project, and what Liberland can bring you (business opportunities, job offers, tourism, a possible citizenship, etc…)
  • : that’s the website you’re looking at. Here, you can find all the news related to Liberland that do not need to be on our official page, and that are still

Official Liberland social-media and apps

Please note that this list doesn’t include facebook pages of our representative offices. To be sure that you are in contact with a Liberlandian representative office, the best thing is to send an email to your local office (the email adress will always be


Non-official Liberland pages, that are honest

Please note that being unofficially selling Liberland merchandise, or talking about Liberland does not mean that a website is a scam : it just means that it is held by a third party.


Pages that are scams

  • Liberland Concept : we are trying to take this page down at the moment. These people are pretending to run an ICO for an official Liberlandian crypto-currency, but this is a scam designed to usurp Liberland’s image in order to get money from people who believe that this is an official source.