3D Printing: “The Fourth Industrial Revolution” and The Potential Benefits for Liberland

Additive Manufacturing, or 3D printing as it is sometimes referred to, wasthrust into the view of the tech-savvy public and big industry around 2009 when related patents expired. That year saw the introduction of the first-ever retail consumer-focused 3D printer, named the RepRap³, with much hype around its revolutionary potential. In the wake of these …Read More

Liberland's Fourth Anniversary Celebration: A Success!

Liberland’s Fourth Anniversary Celebration: A Success!

Liberland, the newest and freest country in Europe, has celebrated its fourth anniversary. This year, the celebration was held in Sombor, Serbia. Scheduled items included speeches, presentations, unveilings, dinners, awards ceremonies, and a boat trip to Liberland proper, this last escorted by the waterway authorities from both our neighboring nations. Among over 100 participants we …Read More