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Monday, 29 May 2023

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Will He Get Away With It? Exclusive Fauci Interview

https://youtu.be/a8Q49VLnYME Fauci tells all in this exclusive exit interview!

Viral transmission not tested in Pfizer trials

https://youtu.be/J6VbI8gOnUM Janine Small Pfizer’s president of international developed markets Testifying before the European Union Parliament, Monday 10th October Dutch MEP Rob...

PayPal should pay all account holders $2500 for “misinformation” immediately

https://youtu.be/RuHX9s6ek2w Here's how PayPal's decision to fine users $2,500 for misinformation went down.

Many kids have good reasons to leave government-run schools

https://youtu.be/FfigsiTrz5s Many kids have good reasons to leave government-run schools... Such schools often needlessly shut down for Covid, and stayed closed...

“Don’t confuse me with the facts, I’ve already been told what to think.”

https://youtu.be/X6jA7nJ0UPU "You can go through life avoiding reality , but you cannot avoid the consequences of avoiding...

“Soon I will have a new apprentice. One far younger…”

https://youtu.be/Vq6YaQNG05c Klaus Schwab, the founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum (WEF), is caught bragging...

Excess mortality hits +16%

https://youtu.be/WjG3VoX3Ldk European Union, Excess mortality hits +16%, highest 2022 value so far https://youtu.be/5wLu98NygrA Up to 80% of...

Art on a Plate

Another nice event at Liberland ARK Retreat. We are cooking "ajvar" together, now is the right time! To decorate the plate, we...

Government Corrupts Science With Progressive Nonsense

https://youtu.be/FUua6kkCi08 Fewer Americans "trust the science." There are good reasons for that. People in government now use...

Must Read

The Future of Liberland: Prospects for Development and Expansion

As one of the world's newest and smallest self-proclaimed nations, Liberland faces unique opportunities and challenges when it comes to development and...

Liberverse – a way for every Liberlander to come visit Liberland

Mirek Kaspar is a developer and entrepreneur. He is also the designer of Liberverse.net, a digital version of Liberland, which is intended...

Liberland’s Newspaper, Bitcoin Miami 2023 Edition

Liberland continues to pave new paths, from embracing Bitcoin to building a Decentralized Autonomous Government (DAG), all the while championing a vibrant seasteading project and welcoming global citizens to its promising shores.

Liberland President Vít Jedlička Delivers Keynote Address at World’s Biggest Bitcoin Conference, Bitcoin Miami

Liberland President Vít Jedlička Delivered Keynote Address at World’s Biggest Bitcoin Conference, Bitcoin Miami