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Thursday, 20 June 2024

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What Americans Need to Know Before Registering a Liberland Company

I politely held my ground, clarifying the current recognition status of Liberland and specifying that my company was registered with the Government of the Republic of Liberland, and not with any other government.

Two Liberlanders open business to help people immigrate to El Salvador.

Two of Liberland's diplomats have joined forces in the private sector to help people move to, get residence in, and potentially acquire passports from El Salvador.

El Salvador President Bukele recognizes Liberland BTC donations to children’s hospital

During the Bitcoin Week event, the President of the Republic of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele, acknowledged the Bitcoin donation by the Liberland Aid Foundation for the Benjamin Bloom National Children's Hospital in El Salvador. The donation (which included an entire BTC), was funded by voluntary donations by Liberlandians. Some of those individuals were present at the announcement.

President Jedlička attends Mont Pelerin Society Special Meeting 2021

This week, Liberland President Vít Jedlička was a guest at the MPS2021 Special Meeting. Mont Pelerin Society is a...

Liberland Group participates in “System 2021” emergency preparedness exercises in Serbia

"Today, at more than 50 locations in Serbia, an operational-tactical exercise of the subjects and the protection and rescue system in Serbia...

President Jedlička receives blockchain award in Dubai

During the Blockchain Dubai - World Expo 2021 event (Oct. 10-11), Liberland President Vít Jedlička received an award as a Guest of...

John Stossel sues Facebook for defamation

Stossel says that his content's audience reach was restricted due to fact-checkers labeling his climate videos as "missing context" and, in at least one case, falsely quoting him.

B92.net: Liberland is building a megastructure between Serbia and Croatia? President Jedlička: We have 700,000 people

"When Vit Jedlička declared the independent state of Liberland on the island 'between' Serbia and Croatia in 2015, everything seemed like a joke."

Young Americans for Liberty Board of Directors FIRES president over wave of sexual misconduct allegations

WARNING: the following article contains subject matter which may be disturbing to readers. Young Americans for Liberty...

Andrew Henderson gets interviewed by Fox Business

Andrew Henderson, Managing Partner at the offshore lifestyle consulting firm Nomad Capitalist, joined Lisa "Kennedy" Montgomery on Fox Business Network to discuss...

Must Read

Liberland at CryptoSphere 3.0 – A Step Forward in Blockchain Technology

At the CryptoSphere 3.0 conference, held on April 27, 2024, in Wrocław, blockchain technology enthusiasts had the opportunity to immerse themselves in...

Government Blockchain Association and Free Republic of Liberland Host Exclusive Reception in Washington DC

Washington DC, USA, 02 May, 2024 - The Free Republic of Liberland is proud to announce its collaboration with the Government Blockchain...

Metropolis secures $1.2M ahead of anticipated public CLAY offering

Metropolis has successfully closed a $1.2 million investment round. The funding round saw participation from notable investors, including...

Leading Web3 Marketing Executive Joins New MMO Gaming Project UFORIKA

UFORIKA, a pioneering MMO gaming ecosystem, has appointed Nigel Carlos as its Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). Carlos’s extensive experience in marketing leadership...