UNPO World Cup

Micronations And Indigenous People Battle For The UNPO Football World Cup

Throughout the years, many footballers had the privilege to represent their nations in the World Cup. Unfortunately, this isn’t a privilege that every country is able to enjoy. Across the globe there are many nations that aren’t officially recognized as a country. To give these nations and indigenous peoples a chance to compete, the Unrepresented …Read More

  • First chess match in Liberland history

    First chess match in Liberland history

  • Liberland


  • Ivory Coast

    Ivory Coast

First international chess match Liberland vs. Ivory Coast

The Free Republic of Liberland was founded in April 2015 by Vít Jedlička. Few months later, on July, the Liberland Chess Federation was born. Today, 12 000 persons are following the Facebook page of the chess federation. If the Liberland Chess Federation is waiting to be accepted by the FIDE, we decided to run some events like team …Read More