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Friday, January 27, 2023

Seventh Anniversary of Liberland

Liberland holds an anniversary cruise from 25th March to the 28th March and a special online event in the Metaverse, on 13th April.

Liberland celebrates 7th Anniversary with a Cruise and Virtual Festival

On March 25th, Friends, Citizens and Supporters of Liberland can join the Liberland Cruise to celebrate the 7th Anniversary of free Republic...

A Lesson About Inflation That Some Never Learn

https://youtu.be/J6RVS2tXUxM Inflation is sharply up. Now it's 7%. What went wrong? Senator Elizabeth Warren blames "corporate greed" for inflation. “This is...

Liberland gets featured in new film, “Borderline: Liberland”

Isabella Rinaldi directed a 2021 documentary film where Liberland is the central focus. https://vimeo.com/639447627 Trailer

Liberland signs memorandum of understanding with Organización Diáspora RD

The Free Republic of Liberland and Organización Diáspora RD (a diaspora organization for the Dominican Republic) signed a memorandum of understanding to promote a friendly relationship of trade, cooperation, and diplomacy between the two nations.

More pics from the Liberland diplomatic visit to El Salvador!

More photos have emerged from the milestone visit Liberlandians made to the country of El Salvador back in November. During this visit, representatives of the Liberland Aid Foundation donated a more than an entire Bitcoin to the local children's hospital. El Salvador President Nayib

How Uniswap V3 Boosts Capital Efficiency by Increasing Stakeholder Decision Rights

Takeaways and Musings from March 30th, 2021’s Crypto NYC Whitepaper Reading: “Uniswap V3” How does Uniswap V3 hope to boost...

Who Needs a Seat at Your Enterprise DLT’s Table?

Here’s the situation:You’re building a blockchain-based solution that will revolutionize the way your industry does business.A few early partners have committed to...

Behind The Pixel: Erick Stow

Photo Credit Svetla Atanasova I have arrived. --Erick Stow Recently, I had...

You Should Be Interested In Persons Of Interest

It’s the end of 2020. And in no way do I expect my casual reference to the contemporary calendar to “date” this...

Must Read

Just Say YES to Climate Lockdowns!

https://youtu.be/mV9PC-ArYjg The UK is initiating climate lockdowns! Here's everything you need to know in this special report…

Covid: Who Was Right?

https://youtu.be/BPbCA5hiEfM After 3 years of Covid, what lessons can we learn? Did lockdowns work? What about closing...

Diplomatic Success in Ghana

The Liberland Trade Mission and Aid Foundation opens its offices in Accra, Ghana   December 2nd, 2022, Accra, Ghana.

Liberland New Year’s Eve Party

Up for new year’s eve excitement? Celebrate the coming of 2023 in good company with fellow Liberlanders! Start...