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Monday, 29 May 2023


Adnan Al Noorani Receives the Order of Merit

19th October 2022, Dubai. President bestows the Order of Merit upon Adnan Al Noorani, an entrepreneur, and an investment visionary. 

Confirming Liberland’s Legitimacy

Preface The following is based on a publication by Professor Miloš Petrović, a professor of Legal Studies at...

Author of the Liberland Anthem Wins Award

9th June 2022, Prague: The author of the Liberland Anthem, Mr Varhan Orchestrovič Bauer, has received the prestigious OSA award “The Most...

Liberland Company Wins a Prestigious Cybersecurity Award!

RSA Conference, San Francisco, June 2022. CYBERGROOT LIMITED, a Liberland company, has won the prestigious Global InfoSec Award...

Bitcoin and Monarchies – An Interview with Prince Philip of Serbia

https://youtu.be/9VEEKihCZcs What is the case for monarchy? Why are monarchies better at long-term thinking? Why do monarchies...

Seventh Anniversary of Liberland

Liberland holds an anniversary cruise from 25th March to the 28th March and a special online event in the Metaverse, on 13th April.

Liberland celebrates 7th Anniversary with a Cruise and Virtual Festival

On March 25th, Friends, Citizens and Supporters of Liberland can join the Liberland Cruise to celebrate the 7th Anniversary of free Republic...

A Lesson About Inflation That Some Never Learn

https://youtu.be/J6RVS2tXUxM Inflation is sharply up. Now it's 7%. What went wrong? Senator Elizabeth Warren blames "corporate greed" for inflation. “This is...

Liberland gets featured in new film, “Borderline: Liberland”

Isabella Rinaldi directed a 2021 documentary film where Liberland is the central focus. https://vimeo.com/639447627 Trailer

Liberland signs memorandum of understanding with Organización Diáspora RD

The Free Republic of Liberland and Organización Diáspora RD (a diaspora organization for the Dominican Republic) signed a memorandum of understanding to promote a friendly relationship of trade, cooperation, and diplomacy between the two nations.

Must Read

The Future of Liberland: Prospects for Development and Expansion

As one of the world's newest and smallest self-proclaimed nations, Liberland faces unique opportunities and challenges when it comes to development and...

Liberverse – a way for every Liberlander to come visit Liberland

Mirek Kaspar is a developer and entrepreneur. He is also the designer of Liberverse.net, a digital version of Liberland, which is intended...

Liberland’s Newspaper, Bitcoin Miami 2023 Edition

Liberland continues to pave new paths, from embracing Bitcoin to building a Decentralized Autonomous Government (DAG), all the while championing a vibrant seasteading project and welcoming global citizens to its promising shores.

Liberland President Vít Jedlička Delivers Keynote Address at World’s Biggest Bitcoin Conference, Bitcoin Miami

Liberland President Vít Jedlička Delivered Keynote Address at World’s Biggest Bitcoin Conference, Bitcoin Miami