CoinsRace and Liberland now work on free trade progress through MobileCoin technology

CoinsRace and Liberland now work on free trade progress through MobileCoin technology

Today Liberland takes another important step for launching its future crypto-currency market that everybody will use to trade without governments. Liberland officialy begins its partnership with CoinsRace, the data minds behind MobileCoin digital currency, on a mission to give people the benefits of the digital free market transformation that glorifies individuals.

This combined force of libertarian economics and p2p money sharing will lead us to the development of IT technology essential to the growth of many upcoming free-trade citizen’s networks. Under a positive outcome, the world’s society will enjoy a positive socio-economic change, where anyone will be easily able to establish his own scalable commerce system based on privatized and anonymous trade, outside government and banking control.

“Financial freedom of the future” is the philosophy both Liberland and CoinsRace share, and we want to break barriers to empower freedom-loving people. We are currently determining the direction for Liberland Merits, and our members are negotiating with CoinsRace leaders about the potential use of the MobileCoin technology.

MobileCoin is a cryptocurrency based on a mobile platform, where its users mine 100% of coins, so they keep the profits. From the display of their smart device, they can purchase everything in market stock: coffees; cars; even houses. MobileCoins also come with no added taxes, no charge-backs or bureaucracy and with near-instantaneous transactions. Users remain anonymous and in control. All those gains could go to Liberland’s citizens in the closest future as our partnership progresses.

Vít Jedlička, Liberland’s President, comments on this new endeavor:

Growing Liberland’s financial abilities increases the changes people will enjoy our tax-heaven sooner. In Liberland, the State does not force legal tender, so the country is a place for all kinds of crypto currencies to flourish. I am more than happy to discover how MobileCoin can be integrated into our Merit monetary system. Merits are now fixed 1:1 to US dollars, but they should be soon fully exchangeable to MobileCoins by CoinsRace”

It is important to understand that Liberland and CoinsRace both have products in the construction stage. But this new cooperation between our professionals will speed up the establishment of Liberland’s open market that will allow businesses, both retail and digital, to free themselves from many hurtful government regulations. As for now, we are sure people behind CoinsRace are heading the same way, and we tag along, to push further for the societal libertarian advancement.

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