FAQ - Dear Liberland, please tell me

FAQ – Dear Liberland, please tell me

Repeatedly, a large part of our community questions us about the common stuff concerning Liberland’s future, their citizenship or investment possibilities.

First, let’s go ahead by admitting that even with the lowest volume of messages, they pop up too often to get a response. So if you haven’t heard back from us, please understand it’s just unmanageable – no hard feelings. Having that said, we do scout through your messages to uncover your concerns and ideas about Liberland. Let’s continue with the most common questions you ask:


Is Liberland real or just imaginary?
Our critics like to paint Liberland as an unreachable dream. But this is not a joke. Everybody under our President is totally committed to turning Liberland into a real libertarian country with a regular population of peace-loving people under a minimal government that only serves to protect them.

The country has been extensively covered by the media, we have a working government and representative offices in 70 countries, and +405,000 registered citizens to date. Furthermore, we’ve been officially endorsed by 9 groups consisting of political parties and activists, all sharing our libertarian vision.

Does Liberland even have representative offices near Gornja Siga?
Yes, actually. The closest one is in Bezdan, Serbia, right across the natural reservoir. This is our current HQ and a co-working space that will launch soon. The second office is in Osijek, Croatia.

What philosophies do Liberlanders follow?
Classical liberalism, minarchism, anarcho-capitalism and then direct democracy.

I want to donate, because I believe Liberland will be an alternative to modern statehood
Please feel free to support our cause with a smaller or bigger donation here. Remember that Liberlands cashflow is now transparent, and you can see both our income and expenses there. All donations grant you Merits, our official currency, in a scale 1:1 to US dollars.

I’m an investor. What investment opportunities does Liberland give me?
When it’s ready, Liberland will accept seed investments of $0.5 to 5 million and will grant shares in the company. Our investor reward strategy provides: priority land buying options; % of shares in Liberland’s revenues; and priority access to infrastructure development.

How can I get a citizenship?
Complete the registration process here. Currently, everybody’s welcome to register as a citizen and join our community as long as you follow our libertarian ideals and the non-aggression principle. Earning Liberland’s full citizenship and a functional passport will be available in the future for people who acquire more than 10,000 Merits. At this moment, Liberland is still blocked by Croatia, and that matter has to be resolved first.

I’ve filled for a citizenship, and nothing happened. Why?
Your submission is definitely in our system. We’re not granting citizenships right away, but only accepting applications at this point. It’s a matter of developing the country further. Reaching our offices with messages won’t make your application processed sooner, sorry.

I would like to get a passport from Liberland
Liberland’s passport is only granted to people with more than 10000 Merits. However, its use for traveling is prohibited at this stage and it’s not recommended. We are still planning for bilateral agreements for its use for travelling, hoping it will be fully recognized in 5 years from now.

I want to live in Liberland. When can I move in?
Because Croatian Police forces illegally block Liberland from their side, it’s now not possible. But we appreciate their help in securing our borders.
Our settlers are welcome to inhabit areas around Liberland, but please understand they’re raw, untouched natural areas that now probably won’t meet your long-term living needs. You can still visit them on a camping trip – if you’re interested in that, please contact our Ministry of Interior for directions at interior@liberland.org.
We hope our borders will open in 2017 after successful negotiations with both Croatia and Serbia on the borderline agreement.

I want to visit Gornja Siga where Liberland is.
Currently, not work is happening there, and there are no permanent settlers at the lot. It’s mostly beautiful wildlife. We do visit the area occasionally by boats with President Jedlička. But you’re still welcome to join us at two summer festivals in Serbia our members take part in, few clicks from Liberland. The first is the Regeneration of Dunau music festival on 17-18.06 in Bački Monoštor and the next one is the Etno Festival coming up on the 06.08 in Bezdan, still really close to Liberland.

I want to buy land in Liberland
You will still have to be patient, sorry. Remember about the dispute Croatia has with us. Last-minute preparations are now made for the announcement of the architectural competition winners, and after that we will continue with dividing into land shares for investment.

I’ve sent you my CV, but nothing happened. Why?
Please don’t send us your resume, as unfortunately we don’t have time to read through them and guess what your idea of help is. In this way, we’re remaining focused on the actual launching of the country.

I want to contribute my skills to Liberland
We appreciate all propositions for help. But again – a massive flow of communication leaves us unable to answer many queries. If you have a precise idea how you could contribute to us, please send us a maximum 3 sentence mail describing what you can do to secretary@liberland.org.

I want to report on Liberland
We are totally media-friendly and would be happy to help you with your story. Please write to us at press@liberland.org explaining what is your idea and who do you need access to for your report.

I want to collaborate and help promote Liberland
If you’re a media creator or independent publicist or blogger, we still welcome you to briefly drop us a line to press@liberland.org.

How can I see Liberland’s upcoming events?
Here’s Liberland’s official event calendar.

Who manages Liberland’s funds from donations?
All finances are temporarily managed by Liberland Limited service organization in Hong Kong, run by President Jedlička and Vice Presidents. All income and expenses are fully transparent and viewable. The Government is preparing to open up accounts in its own name.

I would like to open my company in Liberland
We plan to start our business register in June 2016, and then you’ll be able to. Liberland will register corporate entities recognized by number of banks worldwide for the price of around 200 euro.

I would like to use Liberland’s domains
Our official domain is .ll.land, and we’re getting them ready for purchase with Merits. In the future, the domain will change from .ll.land to .ll, but both extensions will work.

Is Liberland Merit (LLM) the official currency of Liberland?
Yes, Liberland will operate on Merits that will be transferable to Bitcoins and later to any official currency we can arrange for. Liberland Merits are backed by our land lots, which will be auctioned in Merits only. The currency is also convertible into USD at the fixed exchange rate of 1:1.

How can I earn Merits?
Merits are granted for people who now work directly with our government. Pretty soon you’ll be able to buy Merits and use them at Liberlands peer2peer marketplace, which is in an advanced stage of development, or you will be able to earn them there by giving services to fellow Liberlanders. Later on, Merits will function as any regular currency you can imagine. Again, please remember that every donation is rewarded in Merits.