Interview : Vladan Jovanović

Interview : Vladan Jovanović

Welcome to this series of interviews : will publish more of them throughout the year, to introduce you to the people working behind the curtain.

My guest, today, is Vladan Jovanović, who kindly answered my questions. He was a guest of choice to start this series of interviews, because you, dear readers, can contact him to travel to Liberland.


1- Hello Vladan ! Can you introduce yourself in a few words ? 

My name is Vladan Jovanović. I live in Sombor and I’m 50 years old. I’m a manager in tourism, which means I have merged nice and usefull.


2- How did you discover Liberland ? What did you feel at the time ? Did you want to participate at once ?
By nature, the phenomenon of Liberland began to happen in our surroundings and this has attracted my professional attention as a great touristic potential. In addition, it is a great and historic honor to participate in the creation of a new state. I consider this a great privilege. Our first contact with President Vit Jedlička was short and relaxed, and it has remained so until today.


3- How did you start getting involved in Liberland ? What are you doing among the teams of Liberland at the moment ?

Our first spontaneous services were related to the hosting organization of the Liberland establishment and the invited guests at the Liberland anniversary.

Now we are continually taking care of many guests, who come from all over the world to visit Liberland. In addition, our organization has the role and promotion of Liberland, which as a result has great popularity and sympathies in the local community, and great support of local self-government.

4- Can you talk to us about Liberland Travel ?

NGO Liberland Travel is an organization that serves all the touristics and organizational needs of Liberland in the region. Members of our team, and volunteers, take care of our fleet in legal and technical terms. All previous visits to Liberland were not commercial, only promotional.

As it is well known, Liberland is funded exclusively from donations. We can say even more proudly that we have been very successful organizers of the world’s largest Passengers Systematic Travel Congress in Liberland – Gentleman Adventurer.

We are grateful to President Vit Jedlička and to Mr. Kolja Spöri for their confidence in us on organizing a three-day, unique and successful event. From mid-March, our tourist program for this year will be published with all the specific details and it will be a commercial issue. The program will include organized arrivals to Liberland, lectures on crypto currencies, workshops and art colonies, attractive water sports, sauna, faculties, big music Liberland festival in August where we expect more than 10,000 guests from all over the world (this is an exclusive news).

So, everyone who wants to visit Liberland should contact us, they are in the right place.

Contacts (Silvia and Vladan) :

5- Your time at the Kusturica village seemed exciting ! Can you tell us about the time you spent there ? (the flag of Liberland rising, the film-screening, the way people perceived Liberland and its motto, the way the movie was perceived by the audience)

The film about Liberland by Emma Paoli (the director) was officially selected at the 11th Kustendorf International Film and Music Festival. The reaction of the audience was fantastic, especially since many were already known from the media about the Free Republic of Liberland and President Vit Jedlicka. Everyone likes the idea of ​​the essential freedom of life and we get full support there. The film continue to live his festival life, and will be published in Liberland at the end of the summer.

Frontmans of the most famous bands took a picture with our flag, which was officially erected on the mast in festival among the other flags.

During a pleasant chat in Czech language, between Professor Emir Kusturica and President Vit Jedlička, we heard a promise that the famous director, after the invitation by our president, will be visit Liberland on our anniversary in mid-April.

As you can see, Liberland’s phenomenon is getting bigger day after day, benefiting great authority peoples from cultural, business and political world.

6- What are the things that you miss the most at the moment, that you would like to realize in liberland ?
I miss the sound of machines that build objects and infrastructure in Liberland. But I think it’s already a matter of a mature political decisions and I hope that we will soon be able to hear that music.
7- Any last word ?