Youth Club of Liberland

Interview with cofounder of YCL

Youth Club of Liberland

It may surprise you that we have decided to interview only 13 years old Dante von Foerster, from Washington State in the US, when we near many seemingly more important people. The reason for this is that Dante, despite his young age encourages Liberland more active than most adults. Along with his friend Denis had founded the Association of Youth Club of Liberland. His views are also proof that everything is perfectly aligned in his head already.

Jindrich Krasa: Hi Dante, I am really glad you agreed to do the interview with us. My first question cannot be different – you are quite young, but you are really active in helping to spread a word about Liberland. What do you like on the idea of this micronation and what do you like especially on Liberland?
Dante van Foerster: I loved drawing maps when I was little, but as I got older I loved the idea of making your own country. I’d read for hours about micronations. When I came across Liberland I thought it was interesting, but when I found out this was a legitimate try to found a new nation, I wanted to help.

JK: I know about your communication with Mr. President Jedlička, and that this was the reason why you formed YCL. Can you tell me something more about it?
DvF: The YCL in idea was Mr. Jedlička’s thought. He got me in touch with Denis, the other founder and my friend. We then started a Facebook, and Twitter account.

JK: You are not the only one who established the club…
DvF: Like I said, Denis and I founded the club.

JK: Who are the members of YCL now?
DvF: We have around 12 members. We have right now only boys, but we welcome girls. Our members are from America, France, Tunisia, Algeria, Kazakhstan, and Britain. 3/4 of our members are from 16-18 year old boys from North Africa (3), tied by France (3) 1/4 are 13. Like I said, anyone is welcome.

JK: Who and how can become a member of YCL?
DvF: Anyone ages 5-18 can join by getting in contact with me or Denis.

JK: Which internet platforms YCL uses?
DvF: We use Twitter, and Facebook. (Youth Club of Liberland, Facebook) (@YCofL1, Twitter) We also have an email,

Dante´s vision of Croatian politics
Dante´s vision of Croatian politics

JK: I have noticed some of your comments on FB about Croatia violence. Can you tell me your point of view?
DvF: Croatia is committing war crimes, if this happened in a U.N. recognized country sanctions would likely be brought down. Croatia’s contradictory and constantly changing claims are insane. Croatia is blockading an area of what it calls Serbia, according to it’s own claims. In an instant, Serbia could agree with Croatia, and call the blockade an act of war. The fact that an E.U. member would repeatedly violate the Geneva Convention, arrest an E.U. Parliament Member, blockade foreign territory, and have the audacity to arrest the Red Cross is insane. In any other country, there would be a basis for Croatian Police to be put on the International Criminal Court.

JK: What are your plans with YCL for the future?
DvF: I’d really like to get more people involved. The Facebook page has leveled off at about 400 likes, but I’m aiming for 2K likes.

JK: And your personal plans?
DvF: My personal plans are to maybe start working on projects as a group, relating to Liberland.

Dear Dante, because we really appreciate such aid, President of Liberland Vit Jedlicka also expressed his support and thanks Dante:

“Dear Dante, thank you for your active work and that you have established the Youth Club of Liberland. For us it is a great encouragement to see how much very young people are able to live the idea of ​​freedom and libertarianism. I understand that it must be hard for you to follow the current actions of Croatia and its armed forces. On the other hand Liberland is based on the idea that we see things from the positive side. As a president of Liberland I’m grateful for how closely and with relatively low costs Croatia guards our territory. This opens up a tremendous opportunity for Liberland to unite its diplomatic forces around the world to effectively pursue the international recognition. It is also an opportunity to build Liberland not only in the virtual space, but also close to the territory of Liberland. In addition, it also opens up space to properly think about the actual process of settlement. If you think about it, the decision of Croatia to block access to the Liberland territory has considerably more positives than negatives. One day, when the Liberland will have representation in most countries of the world, there will be no problem to find common ground with Croatia and open borders for Liberland citizens from around the world.”

President of Liberland Vit Jedlicka

(Proofreader: Tyler Wharton)