Ivan Pernar, holder of Liberland’s first class order of Merit, is Croatia third most popular personality.

Ivan Pernar was, of course, present at Liberland’s third anniversary, and the Croatian press seized the opportunity to talk about this event. You can find the original article here, or read its english translation below :


Citizens of self-proclaimed state of Liberland, which was founded by Vit Jedlicka in 2015, on ‘’no man’s land’’ between Croatia and Serbia, two hundred in numbers, sailed today with 12 boats from international port in Apatin along the river ada known as Gornja Siga, located on western bank of Danube.

Territory which is disputed between Croatia and Serbia, temporary is under the control of Croatia. The authorities forbid the access to that terrain, and selfproclaimed president Jedlicka has been arrested twice due to activities conducted on that are. Along numerous guests and TV crews today’s Liberland sail was joined by Ivan Pernar, member of parliament, second time visiting Liberland, who spoke for radio Dunav about territorial dispute of Croatia and Serbia.


” Croatia claims a lot more land in Serbia, than Serbia in Croatia. However, the position of Serbia is in its interest, that Danube is border, and that pockets located on either side belong to the country on which they are located. That position is understandable, but Croatian isn’t. Croatia, by claiming Siga and by expelling Liberlandians, whether they come by land or water proves that it’s her territory. They arrest, detain, and at the same time claim territories on other side of the Danube, in Serbia, which is not serious”


According to his words, Serbia, in this way wins the battle for disputed territory :

” So, Croatia is not capable to take a position which would be in her interest, and Serbia is the winner in this situation. I can tell you, you don’t have better friends who truly work for Serbia than Croatian politicians who currently are in charge in Croatia. You are in that sense smart, and of cool head. Serbs have told : look, that Liberland is not ours, and Croats have accepted that and are guarding that territory and in that way in advance accept some future international agreement”

Serbia wins in that way, claims Pernar.


Three anchored boats of Croatian border control were waiting the boats upon exit from Apatin harbor. On our question, if there’s going to be arrests today, i.e. if there’s danger that this performance gets another epilogue, Pernar responds : “we will see how much police will be there, and whether it’s dangerous. I couldn’t believe last time, there were crawling like ants, all for one Czech, whom they denounced as a threat for national security”, says Pernar jokingly


He also added that deal between Serbia and Croatia in this dispute is not only up to them :

“This border dispute is totally irrelevant, our internal relations are also irrelevant. Both Serbs and Croats will disappear, the situation is same in Serbia and Croatia, we are facing disappearance. Everything is in the service of foreign interests”


Pernar commented his first stay in Apatin, and his popularity in Serbia :

I’m not oriented in some national sense, i.e. I wish good to every man, regardless to national affiliation. That’s the core of the story, politicians here sell stories of mutual hostilities, mainly between Serbs and Croats, but privately they make very good money, and have the same masters. I have the reverse psychology, I don’t have a master and I’m not advocate for ethnic divisions. It’s my first time in Apatin, port is very well arranged. In general, I must say that I have a very good relations with the Serbs, because they are top notch people. It’s as if the war didn’t happen, people like me here more than some politicians in Serbia” says Pernar for radio Dunav.

On first information, that Czech Vit Jedlicka has founded ‘’state of Liberland’’ on 13th of April 2015, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of has said that the position of Republic of Serbia, regarding the state border, is that it goes on the center of the Danube, in accordance with demarcation from 1945, and that the ‘’new state’’ is not formed on territory of Republic of Serbia.