Liberland Applies for the UNPO Membership

Liberland Applies for the UNPO Membership

The Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization (UNPO) is an international, nonviolent, and democratic membership organization. Its members are indigenous peoples, minorities, and unrecognized or occupied territories who have joined together to protect and promote their human and cultural rights, to preserve their environments, and to find nonviolent solutions to conflicts which affect them.

The UNPO is an entry point into the international community. The organisation enables its Members to learn from one another and ensures that voices of unrepresented nations and peoples are heard at major international fora, such as the United Nations. It currently represents more than 40 Members worldwide.

Meeting with Liberland’s supporters in a local restaurant

On April 20th, 2017 Liberland applied for admission to the UNPO. The application was officially presented and defended a month later in Brussels, Belgium. In June 2017, a delegation from Liberland was invited to observe the proceedings of the 13th General Assembly during which the President and members of the presidency where elected.

On the second day of the Assembly’s deliberations, Liberland presented its candidacy and gave an overview of the country’s values and aspirations of those who hope to, one day, live on its territory.

Although the idea of a country created by people who share values and ideas rather than geography, culture or language is a fairly novel one, the presentation was well received. Many, including the Presidency members, have acknowledged that traditional definitions may need to be realigned with a new reality that is being reshaped by technological advances.

The UNPO Presidency will reconvene at the end of the year when its members will reevaluate Liberland’s membership request. The complete admission process might take several years. The delay is part of the standard procedure set in place to give time to the Presidency and other UNPO’s Members to familiarize themselves with issues, needs and viability of claims of prospective applicants.  

Vit Jedlicka and Bogie Wozniak with the UNPO members

Autor: Zorana Kozomara, Minister of Justice