Liberland Christmas Dinner Party in Barcelona 2017

Liberland Christmas Dinner Party in Barcelona 2017

Liberland Christmas Dinner Party in Barcelona 2017Liberland celebrated its first Christmas dinner party in Barcelona on the 20th of December 2017.  The event was organized by Conrad Freeman, the representative of Spain, along with the help of Maria Claver and Irune Ariño from Students for Liberty and was attended by Enric Flix, Andorra’s prime supporter, as well as a surprise visit by Petra Jirglová, the Director of the presidential office of Liberland.

The dinner party was held in a restaurant close to the old port and historic fishing village called the Barceloneta. Attendees included several Catalan Libertarian groups, such as the Students for Liberty (SFL), The Catalonian Libertarian Party (P-Lib), Col-lectiu de Catalans Lliures (CCL) and the Von Mises Institute of Barcelona (IvMB). The night began with a talk from Conrad Freeman about the history of the country, how he got involved and how people can help. He also shared some recent news on the progress of building this new country as well as the political and economic strategy of Liberland.

Liberland Christmas Dinner Party in Barcelona 2017Mr. Freeman also made the incredible announcement that in May 2017, the President of Liberland will return to Barcelona open an official office. This news impressed most attendees and with many expressing their wish to attend the future event and see the new office as well as their willingness to participate in the project.

Ms. Jirglová addressed the attendees as well as the SFL, CCL, P-Lib and there was a gift exchange game played “Dirty Santa.” The SFL gave their annual Adam Smith award to Maria Claver, the president of SFL thanks to all her hard work promoting liberty in Barcelona.  The award was presented by Ms. Ariño from SFL and P-Lib, Mr. Freeman, and Mr. Flix. Afterwards there was nice dinner, an acoustic concert and a few stayed to dance until the early morning hours. The event was thoroughly enjoyed by all with a growing enthusiasm for more similar events in the future.

Liberland Christmas Dinner Party in Barcelona 2017


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Article By Eduard Pagés Riberaygua

Photographs by Humbert Blanco