Liberland conference program for 16-17.04.16

Liberland conference program for 16-17.04.16

Sincere thanks to all honorary speakers and supporters who were at the conference last weekend (16-17.04) in celebration of Liberland’s one year anniversary. Your involvement keeps hope for our country alive! Here’s the program for your reference:

Liberland: Turning Balkans Into New Economic Powerhouse


Saturday morning (16.04.16)

10:00:  Vít Jedlička (skype), president Liberland
10:30:  Ivan Bertović, chairman of Youth Liberals Croatia
11:00:  Sven Sambunjak, representative of Liberland in Croatia
11:30:  Dominik Stroukal, Mises Institute
12:00:  Jan Purkrábek, finance minister

Saturday afternoon (16.04.16)

14:30: Jeffrey Tucker (skype), Creating good example for reset of the world
15:00: Adam Kaleb,  Follow my vote
15:30: Pavol Luptak, Cyberanarchy
16:00: Stanley Lung (skype), MIX Design studio Founder & Principal
16:20: Rya Ani (skype), RAW-NYC Liberland Design Initiative
16:40: Arch. Sergio Bianchi
17:00: Patrik Schumacher, Results of Architectural Competition
17:30: Rick Falkvinge, Swarm – organizing Liberland properly
18:00: Susanne Tarkowski, Bitnation

Sunday  (17.04.16)

9:00-11:30: Departure to Čarda Pikec (or morning boat ride to Liberlandian waters)
11:30-13:00: Lunch Čarda Pikec
13:00-16:00: Boat trip to Liberland
16:00: Departure of Air-Liberland back to Prague