• e-gov roundtable

    e-gov roundtable

Liberland e-gov conference

Opening the Conference on Saturday (May 6, 2017), Mr. President Vít Jedlička, highlighted the current issues and challenges Liberland is facing in e-government strategy. Conference held in the Representative Office of Liberland in Prague and experts from various IT segments were present to discuss possible solutions and next steps that will bring Liberland forward to status of the first smart country in the world. Other participants and speakers got connected via Skype.

Topics presented during the Saturday agenda were:

  • solution for identity system in Liberland,
  • reputation system to be implemented in the app,
  • e-governance of Liberland: priorities and basic principles,
  • server infrastructure of Liberland,
  • aragon one: user-friendly platform through which is possible to manage ICO.

After the last presentations participants were brainstorming and formulating next steps based on what have been said during the presentations. The program ended at 5:30 PM.

Second day (May 7, 2017) started with the presentation of the possible solutions for public procurement system highlighting the need to implement transparent process for purchasing of services and goods. Second slot was dedicated to Swarm City and its decentralized peer to peer economy. Swarm City presented to participants how their project could be employed for Liberland. Last presentation was about the framework for building DAO. After that participants talked about second phase of development of the E-residency app that will become central mean for communication and identification in Liberland. At the end, Mr. President made a short summary of outcomes resulting from the two previous days and officially closed the roundtable at 3:00 PM.

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