Liberland opens a new representative office in Belgrade

Liberland opens a new representative office in Belgrade


Creating a new nation is a daunting task.

Fortunately, Liberland is gaining more support over time. On March 7th, 2018, Liberland opened a new representative office in Belgrade, Serbia.

There are already substantial investments being placed within Belgrade and Apatin, and these activities will continue.

The representative office in Belgrade will be a beacon for fostering introduction to the region, for investment and creation. There is no doubt that the new Serbian representative, Daniel Dabek, has the perfect set of skills for that. As an entrepreneur who established three companies in Serbia that employed more than 40 people, Daniel has already drawn the attention of millions of people towards Serbia. His speech at the opening emphasized the challenge that Liberland has to face.

This representative office will also be a platform for interaction with Serbia. Liberland will be able to exchange knowledge related to technical innovations (mainly blockchain and reliable digital record-keeping, for the moment). Liberland has been very active in promoting a community of blockchain developers in Serbia. These developers are making a substantial contribution to the global development of blockchain technology through the Balkaneum firm.

Many Liberland supporters attended the opening event, including business partners, aspiring citizens (more than 6000 Serbians have filed a citizenship application) and more than 20 news agencies. Roughly 400 Liberlandian citizens attended the event. Among them were Vladan Jovanovič, Petar Cekerevac, Mike Hajali, and Miroslav Mrdan.

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