lsa now hiring

Liberland Settlement Association now hiring

Dear All.

We are expanding our local permanent staff on-site, to free up our volunteers from some of the work of running the base-camp, to provide stability and to get the necessary local knowledge and know-how.
I’ll be needing:

– A prof. and cost-effective Croatian and Serbian translation of the base text.
– Suggestions on newspapers, where to print add.
– Suggestions as to online sites, where we could post the add.

Please PM me if you have input.


The ‘Liberland Settlement Association’ (LSA) are seeking candidates for summer employment at our base camp.
The LSA is a non-profit organization, dedicated to building a prosperous free-state on the border of Eastern Croatia and Western Serbia.

You are:

– Willing to work 5 days a week; at least 8 hours a day, doing all kind of misc. work, from administration to basic construction to shopping
– Available to start almost immediately, and available for a period of at least 4 weeks.
– You speak English.
– You speak & write either Serbian or Croatian fluently
– You are locally based (Osijek, Batina, Sombor or similar).
– You have a driver’s license.
– You have basic IT-skills (emailing etc.)
– You are a freedom minded, honest and hardworking individual.

– You will sleep and eat on-site at the expense of the LSA, 5 days a week.
– You will be paid the normal local wage for unskilled labor in addition.
– You will present yourself for a short job interview at Carinska kolonija, bb 25270, Serbia.

If interested, please contact us in writing at