Liberland weekend: The king is dead, long live the King!

Liberland weekend: The king is dead, long live the King!

“We came to shut down Liberland,” we tell the Croatian customs officers at the border. We can see relief in their faces, but also suspicion. Then I watch from afar as the first beam of our LSA tent falls down, tarpaulins are untied and all equipment is cleared away. A small group of Liberlanders soon faces a lumpy pile of things that do not resemble a bit their proud role in the early days of Liberland colonization. A group of German tourists, who arrived to see Liberland, watch it obviously horrified. We stand with heads bowed, apparently sad and depressed. Everywhere whispers an echo: “Liberland is over.” Croatian customs officers put down their binoculars and leave satisfied – now we can stop to pretend. Someone pulls the first smile and suggests: “It’s time for a good party!”

“The king is dead, long live the King!

This weekend (19.-21.06.2015) was one of the most important ones in the existence of the Free State Liberland. President Vít Jedlička and his team have been aware for a long time that people coming to Liberland need adequate and functional facilities. There come a lot of adults, families, children, for whom our colonization camp was not appealing at all. It is understandable that from their mouths we could hear discontent and criticism. It was therefore decided that Liberland must change its face and move into new, better, more representative premises.


Red Cross comes to help

Serbian Red Cross decided to help Liberland. They own relatively large facilities in the area – 80 accommodation places, including catering. This will be available to Liberland for rental now. There will be set up a new reservation system that will serve to organize visits. Anyone who would like to visit Liberland, will simply check available accommodation and book it. There is enough room even for setting up a new tent city. Nearby is also a farm with horses and other animals, so there is something for everybody.

New facilities in the docks

In Serbia, in Backi Monostor, the team of Liberland arranged rental of docks, where we will also have an office building. The complex of docks is less than 4 km far from Liberland along a beeline. On site we will organize cultural and promotional events. In the administrative facilities will be set up a Remote Year system, which will provide working space for up to 100 people. Candidates will be able to work in the administration both for the state Liberland and also do their own work. They will have available fast Internet connection and other necessary resources.

Independence Day of the Free State Liberland

It was necessary to ensure better facilities to organize larger events. On July 4, 2015 Liberland plans a celebration of its Independence Day. We invite the mayors, as well as other representatives of towns Sombor and Backi Monostor. Invitation was also received by many MEPs and other important political leaders. This major cultural event shall be attended by a number of artists, we will organize boat trips around Liberland and much more – a specific invitation will be published in the coming days on the Liberland website and will come to e-mail of everybody who is registered on the website

Liberland Settlement Corporation in a new coat

Even members of the LSC were searching the nearest neighbourhood at the weekend trying to find and negotiate facilities that would fit into the newly built prestigious concept. Their activities are slightly different from what the Free State Liberland must ensure and establish for its citizens, yet they found some very interesting places, where they could, under the flag of the Free State Liberland, develop activities of the first commercial entity in Liberland.

MEPs begin to examine Liberland

One of the major events of the weekend was the presence of MEP Tomáš Zdechovský, who had European mandate to examine the human rights situation in Croatia and was also asked by our president Vít Jedlička to do the same for the state Liberland. MEP Tomáš Zdechovský intentionally arrived to Liberland on boat, the same way that our settlers use. He was accompanied by a documentary filmmaker Petr Salaba who recorded everything. On the territory of Liberland they met with Croatian police, who told them that they had committed a crime. Both were taken to the police office for an identity check. MEP Thomas Zdechovský was released and the documentary filmmaker Petr Salaba was imprisoned and subsequently released on bail. We would like to prepare a more detailed summary of the event, as soon as we have more information.

Currency and state administration

Liberland has also taken a big step to address its actual future as regards to the state administration system. We are preparing new currency on Bitcoin platform, and functional administration of Liberland, including lower regional organizational cells. The team of the state Liberland now has hundreds of experts who are working, designing and implementing the structures necessary for the further development of the state Liberland.

We look forward to further details.