Liberland's 3rd Anniversary Conference plus exciting new developments!

Liberland’s 3rd Anniversary Conference plus exciting new developments!

On the 13th of April, Liberland celebrated its third year of existence by organizing a three-day cryptocurrency and technology conference in collaboration with d10e. The event that pulled in major investors and blockchain fanatics was hosted at the Sheraton Hotel in historic Novi Sad, Serbia. During the conference, Liberland’s core members announced groundbreaking developments concerning the Free Republic of Liberland. Here is an overview of all the exciting announcements that will make you want to get your citizenship today.


1. Liberland is preparing its own Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

Liberland's 3rd Anniversary Conference plus exciting new developments!To power the disruptive model of statehood, the Free Republic of Liberland is preparing its own ICO to kickstart the country’s development. Milan Seman, who is leading the ICO, stated that this will be the vehicle that will make Liberland unstoppable. Liberland’s currency, the Liberland Merit (LLM) will fuel Liberlands sovereignty mainly by furthering the development of free trade zones, the financing of global diplomacy and chamber of commerce’s and the continuation of setting up a decentralized and autonomous government. The supply of 700,000,000 LLM was chosen in part because it symbolically represents the 7-square kilometer surface area of the country. Liberland citizenship will require staking 5000 Liberland Merits which can be obtained by joining the public sale. The date for the public sale isn’t set yet; stay tuned by following Liberland on social media and/or regularly checking in with or


2. Liberland Chambers of Commerce

Next to launching its own cryptocurrency, Liberland's 3rd Anniversary Conference plus exciting new developments!the Free Republic of Liberland is planning to open its own global network of chambers of commerce. Liberlands Minister of Finance Jan Purkrabek stated that Liberland has a huge business potential, in fact; Liberland is already attracting a large amount of blockchain startups from all over the world. Liberland’s first chamber of commerce will open its doors soon, followed by bilateral chambers all over the world. Liberland supporters in the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Bangladesh and Turkey have shown great interest in setting this up. The two major advantages of opening a Liberland business are voluntary taxes and exemption from obligations; meaning that the state won’t interfere with Liberland companies on any level. Liberland will just provide the playing field and it is up to you whether you pay taxes or not. The chamber of commerce will strengthen Liberland’s global position and fund diplomatic efforts provided by Liberland’s representative offices.


3. Free Trade Zones in Serbia

Liberland's 3rd Anniversary Conference plus exciting new developments!For most of you, it might be a surprise that Serbia offers fourteen free trade zones to attract global businesses. The closest one is only about 15 km south of Liberland in the harbor town of Apatin. Recently Liberland has started to collaborate with Apatin’s community to bring business into the region in exchange for VAT and duty-free business development. The region will also offer cheap labor and electricity rates for Liberland companies. As access to the territory of Liberland itself is still limited, Apatin will be the best choice if you significantly want to make an investment and cut the cost of running your international business.


4. New Liberland Embassy in Somaliland

Last but not least, Liberland recently acquired Liberland's 3rd Anniversary Conference plus exciting new developments!its first official diplomatic post in the Republic of Somaliland. The respectably sized property hosts a large villa that will serve as the first embassy of Liberland. In september 2017, Liberland successfully begun a mutual recognition process with the Republic of Somaliland. More information will be published soon!