Seven members of Polish Parliament proposed the recognition of Liberland

Seven members of the Polish Parliament (Sejm) in cooperation with Liberland activists in Poland have officially urged Polish Minister of Foreign Affairs Witold Waszczykowski to formally recognize the Free Republic of Liberland as a newly independent state in Europe.


Image: official Parliament interpellation sent in by 6 Members of the Polish Parliament. Find it along a full list of proposing MP’s here.

The query he received goes as follows:

Honorable Minister,

On the 13th of April 2015, Czech politician, Vít Jedlička proclaimed the establishment of the Free Republic of Liberland, a new state on the Danube River between Serbia and Croatia on a piece of land unclaimed by neither of them.

So far no United Nations member state has established diplomatic relations with the country, including Poland, and this seems to be a sheer inconsistency, considering the events of the last 80 years and the support shown to the Republic of Kosovo by dozen of countries.

A failure to recognize the independence of the Free Republic of Liberland by Poland would be in conflict with Poland’s political and legal traditions dating back to the 19th century that are expressed as an affirmation of solidarity with nations seeking independence.

Therefore, if and when does the Cabinet of Ministers intend to announce the de jure recognition of the independence of the Free Republic Liberland?


Yours faithfully…”


Minister Waszczykowski, the addressee of the letter, has now 21 days to respond according to parliamentary procedures. President Jedlicka comments on the situation:

“I am grateful that such initiative is taking place in Poland. It is an extraordinary achievement in our diplomatic efforts in Europe. I know similar successful initiatives across the globe will follow. I am also happy to announce that with support from our Polish diaspora we will launch a worldwide diplomatic tour this Autumn.”

I asked Jakub Kulesza MP to submit an official inquiry regarding the recognition of the Free Republic of Liberland. I wanted to know what the intentions of the Polish government were in this respect. The issue is relevant for my research as a PhD student and I was also interested in the rationale behind any decision of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, especially given the record of Poland as a country supporting various independence movements in the past. On top of that, I also wanted to draw the attention of the public to the cause of Liberland. After all, it is a very interesting libertarian initiative.” – says Przemysław Hankus, Leader of the Libertarian Association and the author of the inquiry.

Karol Parkita, Liberland’s Representative in Poland adds:
We deeply hope that the Government of Poland will notice the potential behind the Free Republic of Liberland and endless opportunities it offers. To that end, we hope that Poland will, as a first member state of the United Nations, recognise de jure the Free Republic of Liberland.”


Liberland’s team is now waiting for a response from the Polish Parliament.