Liberland : A Summer Full of Exciting Events

Liberland : A Summer Full of Exciting Events

Taking our diplomacy to the next level

Diplomatic event in London

What a joy to attend a diplomatic event, full of genuine diplomats, business people, supporters and curious reporters! Some of the seasoned members of our team have felt their heart skip a beat, when the audience got up from their seat, to listen to the national anthems of two countries: Liberland and the United Kingdom. Diversity came together on July 17th at this wonderful and rare event. People from many different nationalities and cultures were introduced to the freest country in the world. At this early stage as the country seeks to develop friendship, diplomatic and business relationships. We were really excited that Ivan Pernar came to support us for the third time this year. Other prominent speakers were Jeff BerwickPetar Cekerevac and Jean Omer Mpeho.

You can find a playlist of the event’s speeches on YouTube.


Extreme makeover for our Turkish representative office

Our Turkish representative office, currently supervised by our representative Selcuk Uras, is yet another representative office to be fully furnished, modeled after our Serbian office in Belgrade. We hope that our other offices will follow soon.

Liberland : A Summer Full of Exciting Events
The majestic sight outside of our Turkish office


A visit to Rome – Italy

Our upcoming visit in November will start off with :

  1. Miss Continental Europe 2018. It will all culminate on Saturday, November 24 in the beautiful Mediterranean Theater, Mostra d’Oltremare of Naples
  2. On November 25th, the Liberland diplomatic team is traveling to Rome on an important diplomatic and political visit. President Vít Jedlička will also be addressing the public and the press.


A new flagship: The Bitcoin Freedom

Meet SS Liberty’s brother: bigger in size, and younger in age as Liberland’s flagship vessel. The Bitcoin Freedom (its name) is currently receiving a beautiful makeover and the new design has been finalized. We are interviewing Ship Managers as well as event organisers, as there are still more than two months of building ahead. It will be Liberland’s permanent seat of government when it is launched, and is large enough to accommodate visitors and guests of Liberland. If everything happens according to schedule, our fourth anniversary will happen partly on this new boat, and the event’s size will far surpass our third anniversary.


An event with Prague Business Club

At the end of August, we celebrated the end of summer with the Prague Business Club (the oldest such organization in the Czech Republic). It was an honour to host the Leader of the Croatian opposition Ivan Pernar as well as the club, aboard the SS Liberty vessel last week. While many were relaxing with their summer holidays, Liberland has been hard at work on many fronts to speed up the development process.


Liberland : A Summer Full of Exciting Events
The Liberland team, with the Prague Business Club before boarding on our Liberty vessel
Liberland : A Summer Full of Exciting Events
Despite the Croatian blockade, Liberland wishes to express its desire to establish friendly relationships with Croatia. Vít Jedlička and Ivan Pernar take a moment to salute the Croatian police for their service.
Liberland : A Summer Full of Exciting Events
From left to right : Silvia Hauke (Liberland travel), Croatian parliament member Ivan Pernar, Liberland president Vít Jedlička, Vladan Jovanovic (Liberland travel), Liberland Interior Minister Denis Pirc, a member of the Prague Business Club, Liberland Finance Minister Jan Purkabek


A cycling team

Have you met Liberland cycling team ? It competed at the “Liberty Cycling Race 2018“, which currently is the only race in the world that pays in cryptocurrency.

Djordje Djuric won the junior category.

Liberland : A Summer Full of Exciting Events
President Vít Jedlička, with the Liberty team, in Apatin, close to Sombor, where the race happened

Liberland deepens relationship with Somaliland

Thanks to the hard work of Somaliland officials and our Acting Ambassador Eric Czuleger, 7 tons of food aid were delivered to Somaliland after the deadly cyclone Sagar swept Somaliland.


Liberland : A Summer Full of Exciting Events
Acting Ambassador Eric Czuleger meets with Somaliland Vice President Abdirahman Saylici

Liberland : A Summer Full of Exciting Events Liberland : A Summer Full of Exciting EventsLiberland : A Summer Full of Exciting Events


DAOstack will work with Liberland

Liberland will be the first Decentralised Autonomous Government, thanks to our cooperation with DAOstack. After a five-hour meeting with DAOstack’s CEO, Matan Field, it has been decided that their system would be implemented in our governance system.

Liberland : A Summer Full of Exciting Events
Vít Jedlička with CEO Matan Field


Citizenship by investment into regional properties

We can finally say that Liberland will soon be able to offer a program which will reward investors that support strategies and other projects with merits and citizenship. Right now, you can already invest and support these following projects:  the shipyard, a recreational resort, houseboats, the local airport including land for sale in the Apatin Free Trade Zone.


Liberland Jobs

You may apply for jobs with along with other companies, organizations, and institutions. Liberland will use this platform to find all appropriate candidates needed both now and in the future. If you would like to apply, please sign up there. 


Liberthon – Hack The Future of Nations

Liberland and Spacemesh are collaborating to assemble a group of mentors, developers, designers, and entrepreneurs like yourself to help take your ideas from vision to reality! If you want to experience building decentralized apps, implement your brilliant ideas and have fun meeting other developers, designers, and founders of nations, then Liberthon 2018 is for you.

An interview with CNN:

CNN talked about us at the beginning of our adventure, and it happened again: President Jedlička gave an extensive interview with CNN that will soon be broadcasted.

Liberland : A Summer Full of Exciting Events

Upcoming projects and events

ICO and Chambers of Commerce

The main projects for Liberland during the upcoming year include the launch of our crypto-currency (the LLM / Liberland Merit) and the opening of our Chamber of Commerce program.

Upcoming Events: