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Meeting with the President’s team

Dear readers,

Our media was honoured to attend the crucial meeting between the President of Liberland and his main work team. Lawyers, IT specialists, colonizing expeditions’ co-ordinators and many others were also present. We were very impressed by the size and complexity of all tasks that need to be interoperable and secured. A huge amount of ideas, specific needs, determination of priorities and the optimum use of human and financial resources – all that resembled a moving anthill, from which the president had to steadily manage and direct the coming days of Liberland’s life.

Until now, it seemed as if the official team almost did not react to the stimuli of their citizens and applicants for citizenship. It was a mistaken point of view. After this meeting we can assure you that the presidential team is closely monitoring your reactions on Facebook, on forums and in e-mail correspondences. All this is taken into account and worked with in other development plans.

Liberland is the fastest growing platform of its kind, which is full of life. Optimum utilization of personal inventiveness of the applicants for citizenship is difficult. They seek for compromises, analyse further steps in order to avoid unnecessary doubts or even distrust between people. To find appropriate concessions and maintain vigour with which Liberland should develop is an almost super-human task.

Our media received the great honour of telling you all that Liberland very much appreciates each submitted application for citizenship and most of them are recorded in mind. However, out of hundreds of thousands of messages that arrived within a few days via e-mail and the registration form, not everything has been processed yet and therefore it is necessary to ask for endurance and confidence. We ask you on behalf of the presidential team to be tolerant towards the huge volume of work that has to be done for the basic functioning of the state and its true and internationally anchored recognition.

At the workshop there were a number of very important ideas noted that were entered for processing immediately, i.e. improving communication with you – the nation of Liberland state, creation of a platform for citizens’ direct investment in specific things like the ship of Liberland, lease or purchase of own consulate premises/offices. Unfortunately we didn’t manage to record literal enumeration of all the first projects, but we believe that the platform of Liberland “crowd-funding” will soon see the light of the world and each of us will be able to enjoy the sense of common building of national sovereignty and new free country.

We asked for an interview with our first lady, who dominated the entire meeting with unmistakable elegance. She is also very much looking forward to reaching her nation and her fellow citizens. So far she has attended all the expeditions and attempts to land in the unfriendly environment of the border police and she literally sorted out Liberland on the battlefield to exist and be recognized. Soon, however, she will take on the work more suited to her position and will also take care that the nation of Liberland is a knitted society with everything that it implies.

Completely exhausted and full of impressions, we left the meeting around midnight, leaving president Jedlička in his office with the most persistent people who relentlessly submit further suggestions to him for consideration.

With certainty we can write that no country in the world has such a fully occupied president!

Big thanks!


Dear readers, please write to us with your suggestions and constructive ideas, we will take them to the President or other important people, who will certainly take them into account. News server is here for these purposes.