Official opening of office in Switzerland

President Vit Jedlicka appointed a new representative for Switzerland during official opening of a new office in Zug, on the 24th of January at Industriestrasse 24 at 6 pm.

Liberland opened a new office in Switzerland to give an opportunity for more interaction to the local Liberlandian community. President Vit Jedlicka together with representative from Russia – Andrey Voronkov both came to take part in the event and to name a new representative for the region – Mr. Cédric Schmid.

Cédric Schmid is a Politician and Entrepreneur. He is leading a Swiss Company operating in the auditing, accounting, tax and consulting services arena. Some of his clients are Blockchain- and/or Crypto related. As a politician he is leading the Free Democratic Party (FDP) of the City of Zug.

Mr. Schmid was chosen based on his rich experience in both politics and business. He also allowed his own spaces to be used as a representative office for Liberland in the area.

The event took place at Industriestrasse 24 on the 24th of January at 6 pm.

There was a discussion about current hot topics such as the firm incorporation in Liberland, summer festival Floating man or upcoming event of the 5th Anniversary since foundation of the country.

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