Opening of the Liberland State Symbols Exhibition

In the spring semester, the directors of the “Scholastic Graphic Design Studio”, Jan Kloss and Matěj Činčera, decided to give their student a task, which is on the border between fiction and reality. The objective was to create a uniform visual style for the newly formed Free Republic Liberland. The work consisted of a variety of outputs, such as the national flag, emblem, postage stamp, ID card, passport and money.

For a graphic designer it is always a challenge to create visual identity of a newly established entity. Whether it’s a flower shop, school, or an airline, it is always necessary to understand the individual features and specifics. For the students it was therefore very interesting to deal with such an unusual theme, such as the draft of a state identity. Additionally, it was not just pure fiction, because nowadays in the center of Europe we really have the opportunity to witness the birth of the new state.

This theme may be viewed from many different angles and the project generated many alternative graphic designs. Students approached the topic seriously, some critically, some with a hyperbole. The result is a wide variety of outputs, which are presented to the public for the first time at the summer exhibition in the “First Floor Gallery”, Myslíkova 9, Prague 1 (Czech Republic). From July 2 to August 2.

Authors: Martina Stará, Franišek Kára, Radek Pokorný, Cindy Kutíková, František Starý, Martin Kulhánek, Jan Šindler, Hoai Le Thi