President of Liberland banned from Croatia, negotiations underway.

President of Liberland banned from Croatia, negotiations underway.

On the 13th of April 2016, Croatia’s Ministry of Interior has banned President Vit Jedlička from visiting the country. On his way to an interview, he was stopped by Croatian security and presented an official travel ban during border control. The end date for the ban is unknown and nobody has given any reasonable explanation for it yet. Both sides remained calm during this occurrence, with no one brought in for questioning. His legal teams are already working with the authorities on this case.

This situation surprised Mr. Jedlička, who as a public figure has always been transparent with his activities in Croatia. He believes is just a misunderstanding of his intentions and declares full compliance with the law there. In the nearest days, Mr. Jedlička will contact Mr. Vlaho Orepić, head of the Ministry of Interior, to find a satisfying solution for both sides.

Since the start, Liberland’s members saw diplomatic relations with Croatia as of the highest priority. Liberland has also met support from many respected Croatians – 1600 are already register as active supporters. Mr. Jedlička has always wished that Liberland remains in sympathy with Croatia, and it is his goal to nurture this relationship. Furthermore, as Liberland progresses, it is inevitable it will bring prosperity to its neighbor in market growth and new job opportunities.

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