How To Be A Successful Liberland Contributor

How To Be A Successful Liberland Contributor

The Unrepresented Nations & Peoples (UNPO) organization held a unique three-day program of workshops on November 9 – 11 in The Hague, The Netherlands. The training, called ‘Speak Out’, intended to bring UNPO members together to learn necessary skills to be effective in human rights lobbying and advocacy. Liberland representative Herma Ouwehand participated in the training and created learning material for Liberland so that this information may be shared.

In this learning material, you’ll learn the basics about advocacy and diplomacy at the European Parliament, human rights mechanisms and the UN, how to draft a press release
and budgeting and fundraising.

Liberland would like to thank UNPO for organizing this educational and fun event! We would especially like to thank UNPO employees Danique de Jonge and Jeroen
Zandberg for making Speak Out 2016 a big success.

Click here to view the learning material (.pdf)

Article published with permission from its author, Herma Ouwehand.