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Tuesday, October 27, 2020


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The impact of Libertarianism on William Quigley from WAX

“I reckon Libertarianism is largely misunderstood. Let me explain. I am a venture capitalist and that is all about the free market....

Free Republic of LIBERLAND opens its first virtual embassy inside Somnium Space

Liberland’s embassy opening inside Somnium Space is the start of virtual representations of organisations that share the free and decentralized world view...

GBA Washington Conference with Liberland

The Government Blockchain Association (GBA) ran a Future of Money, Governance, and Law Conference on January 31, 2020.

Learn to trade cryptocurrencies – or show them how it is done!

Which are you - learner or expert trader? Find about this new platform on cryptotrading David Waslen was finance first,...

Liberland Celebrates Fourth Christmas, Appoints Minister of Finance

The Free Republic of Liberland, the micronation formed in April 2015, celebrated its fourth Christmas in Prague in the Czech Republic. Hosted by the...

President Vit wows in Vienna and London

As part of his continued international work, President Vit presented recently in both Vienna and London. Opening his talks he asked the audience “who...

Floating Man, Liberland: A tiny festival in one of the world’s newest (and smallest) states

Mud, mosquitos and music – the original ingredients for a festival. Add in an airstrip, riverboats, cryptocurrency, Croatian police and a new micro nation taking its first baby steps and you get a better picture of Floating Man Festival, the newest festival on the circuit for the traveller who likes their adventure raw and untouched and their conversations peppered with political philosophy, and whose festival neighbours vary from nomadic world travellers to multimillionaires.
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Must Read

Battle for the Nagorno-Karabakh’s Sovereign Recognition and the People of Artsakh’s Right to Their Own Fate

What defines whether a group of self-governing people deserves recognition from the rest of the world as an autonomous entity?
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PHOTOS: Hiker duo WALKS from Czech Republic to Liberland

Two youthful hikers went on a seven-hundred kilometre trek from Broumy, Czechia to the Free Republic of Liberland (plus Apatin, Serbia)! Martin...

Want to understand DeFi – meet the expert, Anish Mohammed

Anish has a different way of looking at technology. He has a clarity of view and an ability to cut through the...

PHOTOS: Liberland represented at “Liberty Cycling Race 2020” in Serbia

Photos from Liberty Cycling Race 2020. Photos given to Liberland Press by Aleksandar Imre. A bicycle race attended by...