Free Republic of LIBERLAND opens its first virtual embassy inside Somnium Space

Liberland’s embassy opening inside Somnium Space is the start of virtual representations of organisations that share the free and decentralized world view and are ready to enter the 21st century and use it’s technological advances. The immersiveness of virtual reality will make diplomatic matters and talks between all counterparties feel very real while commercial contracts …Read More

GBA Washington Conference with Liberland

The Government Blockchain Association (GBA) ran a Future of Money, Governance, and Law Conference on January 31, 2020. The conference was attended by six Liberland representatives on Capitol Hill, Washington. Joey Langenbrunner, Pranav Badhwar, Bogie Wozniak, David Molineaux, David Ament, and Steve Wood from Liberland were all in attendance. Dan Larimer, co founder of Steemit, …Read More

Liberland Celebrates Fourth Christmas, Appoints Minister of Finance

The Free Republic of Liberland, the micronation formed in April 2015, celebrated its fourth Christmas in Prague in the Czech Republic. Hosted by the President Vít Jedlička and co-founder and first lady Jana Markovičová, the annual event brought together more than 150 Liberlanders, ambassadors, honorary consuls, citizens and supporters from around the world.  The event …Read More

Floating Man, Liberland: A tiny festival in one of the world’s newest (and smallest) states

Mud, mosquitos and music – the original ingredients for a festival. Add in an airstrip, riverboats, cryptocurrency, Croatian police and a new micro nation taking its first baby steps and you get a better picture of Floating Man Festival, the newest festival on the circuit for the traveller who likes their adventure raw and untouched and their conversations peppered with political philosophy, and whose festival neighbours vary from nomadic world travellers to multimillionaires.