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Friday, January 28, 2022


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World Bank’s own charter might obligate it to accept BTC, even if it refuses to provide further assistance with crypto adoption

El Salvador requested the World Bank's help with its transition to add Bitcoin as legal tender. The World Bank flatly refused. However, the World Bank's own charter may force it to at least accept Bitcoin, if nothing else.
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Why Progressives Ruin Cities?

https://youtu.be/IHXtHZpDvAo "Progressivism has become the abdication of personal responsibility." People are demanding the "right" to do whatever...
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One word: Corporations have merged with the State

https://youtu.be/-WdFxe-xMdY Project Veritas has obtained Freedom of Information/Privacy Acts (“FOIPA”) response letters from the DOJ which shockingly...

I Will Not Comply

https://youtu.be/WxZ0mwq5oHg Biden’s New MANDATE! Will You COMPLY? The Biden administration issued a new order for everybody to get the shot who...

Do stricter rules actually work?

https://youtu.be/ncxQ3bgTqd0 Omicron is driving a new wave of fear. Some states closed schools, and demand more people wear masks. Florida didn’t.