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Monday, 25 September 2023

John Stossel

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“I was willing to do or say whatever was necessary to get Trump out”

https://youtu.be/cP77BdN0YS0 During two recent elections, Andrew Yang was a different kind of Democrat. Now, he’s starting his...

John Stossel sues Facebook for defamation

Stossel says that his content's audience reach was restricted due to fact-checkers labeling his climate videos as "missing context" and, in at least one case, falsely quoting him.
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Must Read

BRUTAL: Croatia Invades Liberland, Destroys Houses

Reckless destruction of houses and removal of belongings takes Liberlanders by surprise MATEOS MARINA, LIBERLAND, SEPTEMBER 22 –...
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Liberland-Croatian Relations

The Vague Charges Against Liberland Citizens As the citizens of Liberland prepared to celebrate their President's 40th birthday...

Liberland Settlement Updates – and President Vit’s birthday

After the exciting news about the opening of Liberland and early settlement activities, the next upcoming milestone is to celebrate President Vit’s...

Legislation in Liberland

Current Governance Structure As Liberland continues to grow, the need for a comprehensive legal framework becomes increasingly evident.