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Monday, 25 September 2023


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Banking Collapse Explained for Dummies

https://youtu.be/boyMtIcGmew Excellent breakdown on the banking system and Klaus Schwabs agenda.

Beyond Oxygen

https://youtu.be/YY0fSOIHHhE "In the age of censorship, speaking the truth becomes a revolutionary act" - Orwel

Here’s What They’re Planning For Our Future

https://youtu.be/xTr4_WHQQYU Special News Report on "The Tyrannical Olympics in Davos 2023"

Just Say YES to Climate Lockdowns!

https://youtu.be/mV9PC-ArYjg The UK is initiating climate lockdowns! Here's everything you need to know in this special report…

Will He Get Away With It? Exclusive Fauci Interview

https://youtu.be/a8Q49VLnYME Fauci tells all in this exclusive exit interview!

PayPal should pay all account holders $2500 for “misinformation” immediately

https://youtu.be/RuHX9s6ek2w Here's how PayPal's decision to fine users $2,500 for misinformation went down.

“Don’t confuse me with the facts, I’ve already been told what to think.”

https://youtu.be/X6jA7nJ0UPU "You can go through life avoiding reality , but you cannot avoid the consequences of avoiding...

What Liberals Think Conservative Companies are Like

https://youtu.be/OxQDmxFyHsA Drink coffee and feel insurrection inside of you?

The World Economic Forum Young Global Leaders Program!

https://youtu.be/ed7mb9DUPHI The Young Global Leaders Program is looking for new members! Consider joining this amazing organization to...
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Must Read

BRUTAL: Croatia Invades Liberland, Destroys Houses

Reckless destruction of houses and removal of belongings takes Liberlanders by surprise MATEOS MARINA, LIBERLAND, SEPTEMBER 22 –...
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Liberland-Croatian Relations

The Vague Charges Against Liberland Citizens As the citizens of Liberland prepared to celebrate their President's 40th birthday...

Liberland Settlement Updates – and President Vit’s birthday

After the exciting news about the opening of Liberland and early settlement activities, the next upcoming milestone is to celebrate President Vit’s...

Legislation in Liberland

Current Governance Structure As Liberland continues to grow, the need for a comprehensive legal framework becomes increasingly evident.